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Dear all,

We haven’t had the chance to give you a full update over the last weeks. So, if it’s your first time at MonsterLabo, welcome to the MonsterLabo community. This newsletter will give you an update about our main achievements, product development, website and next steps.

Stay tuned, we might have something big to announce in the next few weeks.

What has been achieved?

First Bench results:

We are glad to announce our first bench tests are now available in the « Inside ML » section on

These results convinced us that MonsterLabo’s The First is the perfect balance between silence, compacity and power.

This report is the first one of many bench tests that will be performed over the next weeks and months, either by us or professional reviewers. It will help us to improve our next generation designs by creating dedicated accessories and skins for different uses (gaming, workstation, home entertainment, etc).

Have a look at the full results following this link!

NL September 1

Production is on its way:

Last week, we visited one of our suppliers in China who produces our 3kg heatsinks. As we have validated the cooling solution golden sample, we are happy to say the first batch production is on its way. The industrial tooling being almost done, we should get our first units very soon.

In the same time, many parts have been launched into production such as structural parts, front panels, feet, and screws.

More info on

NL September 2

NL September 3

NL September 4

What’s coming?

Sample for professional reviews:

As we are heading towards our final product version, we will soon be able to ship a few samples to professional reviewers. First product feed-back are expected as of mid-October.


We are now working on the packaging that will ensure the protection of each case sent to all of our worldwide customers.


We are also working on last sections still closed such as « FAQ » and « Eshop » sections. They will be published at the same time than the First commercial release. You will be informed by email when the product will be for sale. Soon!


Thank you for reading.

We wish you all a very nice weekend!

ML team

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09/13: Suppliers qualification