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Dear all,

These two past weeks were very busy as the Batch 1 delivery time is getting closer and closer!

What’s new at MonsterLabo?!

As requested by all of you, we finally get our first review made by, a specialized french media. The result is 10 pages of tests, from the mounting of the case, to the assembly of components and, of course, the bench tests. You will find the full review following this link (for non french-speakers, google translate might help you!). More reviews in english are on their way.

In the same time, we uploaded a new article in our “Inside ML” section focused on graphic card’s VRM’s and memories. Is it better to mount a dedicated cooling solution or just leave these components in the open air? Have a look at our full article via this link.

Finally, we also created a new dedicated section into the “gallery” topic, focused on different tests we made such as assembly of non-compatible cards, full configuration transfer from a SFF case to The First, etc. Also, we share pictures of different parts we received from production. Let’s call this section “in live from the lab!”

Any question? Feel free to contact us via

We wish you all a very nice week!

ML team

11/21: Batch 1&2 Update package & RTX graphic cards compatible!
11/12: How do we cool GPU’s VRM and memories?