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Thanks to the many feed-backs received from the Community, we decided to upgrade Batches 1 & 2 packages with specific add-ons. Each package, sold 429€, will now contain The First as well as numerous accessories, in addition of free shipping if ordered by the end of the year.

The First

The First contains the following elements: casing, integrated passive and dual cooling (CPU + GPU), aesthetic skins, top mesh, front and back panels as well as anti-vibrating washers for HDD.

The Package

Besides The First, the 429€ package initially contained:

• a 140 mm fan with anti-vibration kit from Noctua (NF-A14 PWM),
• a 3.5 gr thermal paste tube from Noctua (NT-H1),
• worldwide free shipping.

In order to address concerns expressed by some members of the community, we decided to upgrade this package by adding 2 new accessories:

• a riser especially designed to ensure 99% compatibility if your cards are not in the compatibility list (more info),
• a VRM cooling solution for high-end cards,
• some accessories will complete the package (screwdriver, wrench, etc.).

The First - MonsterLabo - Update Package

These accessories have a retail value of 100+ € and are included for Batches 1 & 2 customers. They won’t be offered anymore for subsequent batches or stock sales.

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