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Last updates:

AMD RX 5700 PCB reference - riser - Fixture 017

PNY Quadro P5000 (VCQP5000-PB) – no riser – fixture 003

Cards in bold below have been physically tested by the team and / or our clients.


The First is compatible with socket LGA 1150-1151 (Intel) and AM3-AM3+-AM4 (AMD).

Graphic card & Motherboard:

The list below regroups all cards compatible with or without using a riser.
For each card, you will find its specific MonsterLabo fixture and riser mention when needed. This will help you to choose the right First package, as your components

Power supply:

ATX, SFX-L and SFX passive and/or active power supply can be mounted into the casing. Maximum length is 160mm.
We highly recommend premium components from Seasonic as all our tests have been made with their power supplies.

Active cooling:

A dedicated slot for an additional fan (120 mm or 140 mm) is included into the case.
For this, we recommend products from Noctua for their well-known quality and silent fans.

Can’t you find a specific reference? That means we didn’t test it yet. Please leave us an email at and we will check your card quickly.

For more information about electronic mounting, please refer to our assembly guide.