The Beast is composed as follow:


- 2 black heatsinks

- a case in 6mm black painted aluminum & textured aluminum

- a black shade tempered glass or aluminum panels

- a front panel (power button, audio & micro, 1x USB C, 2x USB 2.0, 2x USB 3.1 Gen.2)

- logo engraving for free on demand


Are not included the accessories available with the "Beast & Accessories", the 140 mm fans, the thermal grease and tools. Shipping costs will be charged in 2021 (see "delivery" information).

Only The Beast

650,00 €Price
  • The spreader is mandatory with TDP higher than 250W.

    For other configurations, a machined heatsink for VRM and a kit of taped heatsinks for memories can be used.

    Check our "dedicated section" for further information!

    If you plan to assemble a graphic card that requires a spreader, have a look at our "The Beast & Accessories" offer.