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09 Apr - Unboxing of The Beast

As promised, you will find in this article a selection of pictures focused on the unboxing of The Beast we received earlier this week. All the parts are currently stored in a shipping container we bought some time ago - the best solution to prevent against humidity and floods.

We are still unboxing and sorting all the parts. While we are waiting for the heatsinks, we will already start the assembly of the front panels as well as the side panels with their brackets.

We are also pleased to welcome Nicolas (another one!), a trainee who will help us starting Monday and who will work with us on the assembly of all The Beast PCs.

One of the containers:

Boxes with the front parts:

Boxes with the back parts (40kg each...thank you!):

Back part:

Sides parts (aluminum):

Tops mesh:

Some of the cables:

Some screws (it should be enough):

Screws for the heatsinks:

Fixtures for the sides panels:

Front panels:

Back panels:

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