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10 Aug - The First final design

After long months of designing, prototyping and intensive thermal tests, we finally completed our first product final design. Although the exterior design shows little difference with Computex prototype, The First has been fully rethought to improve manufacturability, customization capabilities and the finishing level.

Here are the main aesthetical improvements:

Back plate:

  • Strengthening of this structural part to stiffen the whole chassis and improve mounting tolerance.

  • Addition of a finishing plate to enable the full customization of the chassis external envelope.

Top plate:

  • Addition of a drilled finishing plate, attached by magnets, to cover the heatsink and prevent dusting or finger marks.

  • Front panel integration with power button, audio and micro jacks as well as 2 USB 3.0 ports.

Bottom plate:

  • Possibility, as a complementary option, to shift the front panel to the bottom part of the chassis.


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