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10 Mar - Arrival notice (part 1)

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

Yesterday, we received the "arrival notice" for the first parts of The Beast.

What's an arrival notice?

It's a document sent by the freight forwarder / carrier indicating the shipment's arrival date at a specific location (normally the destination). In one word, the official date of arrival! Since ocean freight can take weeks, it is often hard to get an official date of arrival before the last week of transport - mainly because of the weather or any other issues/delays that can happen.

What's the arrival date for The Beast?

The official date announced by the forwarder is the 19th of March (at the port). During these 10 days, we will prepare all documents required for the customs clearance.

What parts will be delivered?

Here is the complete lists of the parts (2.500kg!) we will receive these next days:

- the structures of The Beast

- the skins (aesthetic parts)

- the screws needed for the structure, skins and cables

- the system of bracket for the skins (aluminum and glasses side panels)

- the power buttons & the reset buttons

- the back panel cables (Display, USB, RJ45 and HMDI)

- the front panel cables (LED included)

- the perforated parts (the mesh) for the top of the cases

What about the other parts?

We're still waiting for the arrival notice for the heatsinks - that are shipped by train. The ETA is the 30th of March. Spreaders are still in production - EKWB is doing a great job with these parts - and we hope to get an official date in the next days. Risers and tempered glasses should be delivered in the next days. The other parts not mentioned are already at the lab.

We look forward to starting the assembly of all orders since October and thank you very much for your patience and trust! Any questions or updates about your order? Contact the team at


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