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10 Oct - First batch of The Beast is sold out!

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

We're thrilled to to see our first batch of The Beast already sold out! We really want to thank all our first clients for their trust and support. Closing the first batch is a big step for us, especially when done that fast! Merci, merci to all of you!!

As said by one of you: "It's an evening to celebrate for fanless community"!

Next steps?

We recently slighlty updated the design of some aesthetic parts that are currently in production and we are now waiting for them to finalize the fully assembly of The Beast and provide some samples to media.

At the same time, we will perform additional bench tests (fans, Intel processor, gaming). Bench tests are a pretty good excuse for buying Flight Simulator, don't you think?!

In parallel, we will post some videos focusing on the prototype currently available at the lab. We use the word "prototype" because of the aesthetics that have been re-designed, but the structure and cooling are already the finale ones! So let's say "half prototype, half golden sample" :D

What about the batches?

We decided to split our offer in different batches for two main reasons. 1/ because we want to offer special prices to our first clients and 2/ because we want to fit the schedule. By controling the quantities, it's easier to deliver on time. Each batch has a limited quantity and a special price, as well as a different delivery time.

B1 - 630€ - January

B2 - 680€ - February

B3 - 730€ - late Q1 2021

At the end, The Beast will be on stock late Q1 2021 at 790€.


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