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11 Apr - Prototype vs The Beast

After months of testing and showcasing The Beast, it is important to summarize all the modifications we made between the prototype (v2) you regularly saw on our website, and the final product people will receive.

The heatsinks:

Prototype: the heatsinks are in raw finish and can allow 2x 140mm fans.

The Beast: the heatsinks are black painted and can allow 2x 140mm fans on the top and 2x 120/140mm fans on the bottom.

=> You can have a look at the two finishes by watching our previous video!

The skins:

Prototype: the case has two different black finishes - shiny on the front and mat for the other parts. This difference has been done on purpose to help us choosing the final finish.

The Beast: the case comes in mat finish, without any logo that can be engraved on the front for free and on demand.

The front panel:

Prototype: the front panel is made as follow: 1x power, 4x USB 3.0, 2x UBS C, 2x audio/micro.

The Beast: the front panel has been updated as follow: 1x power, 1x reset, 4x USB 3.0, 1x USB C, 2x audio/micro, 2x LED (that will help you to know when you're PC is running or not).


Prototype: the PC is currently tested with a riser Gen3.0.

The Beast: the PC comes with a riser Gen4.0. It doesn't make any difference for the tests made so far, but it's an important point to mention considering the increase of value it brings to our "packages".


Prototype: the case is made of a dedicated rack for SSDs and HDDs.

The Beast: we updated the rack with a new bracket system that will make the assembly of the storage faster and easier.


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