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11 Jul - Performance report of The Beast by "Tchang" On Discord

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

This article is an extract of our Discord.

Configuration is:

- MSI B550 Unify

- AMD Ryzen 5950X

- Nvidia RTX 3080 FE

- 64Gb RAM (4x16Mo Corsair Ballistix Max 4000Mhz)

- 1To Samsung SSD NVME 980 pro

- 2To Samsung SSD NVME 980 pro

Port Royal, no thermal throttle

TimeSpy, no thermal throttle

The GPU card is undervolted to around 770mv@1776Mhz. There is no power limit here either, here are what looked running these 2 benchs:

At some time it draw 84.4% power, so around 295W. But no throttling (perfCap line on the bottom) And to confirm the good thermal performance of VRAM here is the result of 9 hours of ethereum mining, with a GPU profile set to -500Mhz core / +500Mhz Memory

Perfcap line we can see the whole operation if power limited to 70% (245W), this limit is set in the GPU profile. The massive radiator of the beast was slightly warm on the top, the GPU heat spreader was really hot to the touch.

Idling (typing this):

Back to tests with the EKWB Quantum Vector backplate for the RTX 3080 FE. As recommended by EK All thermal pads are 1mm (Gelid Extreme). Highlighted in blue are 2mm Gelid Extreme ones, added to try to lower the memory areas.

Result of 10+ hours GPU mining (no backplate on top, with the backplate on the bottom), closed case, fan at 1000rpm on the top of the GPU side radiator.

So here we are, 2°C less with this backplate. Ambient temperature was almost 26°C (closed room). As before, GPU profile was set at 70% power limit, -500Mhz core / + 500Mhs memory clock.

With an undervolt GPU profile (same as before), timespy benchmark give similar results.

No thermal throttling. Good. Same for Port Royal benchmark

Tried a harder curve to see how it affect the system. curve is set to go to 1900Mhz at 850mV. Got a thermal throttle in the last test. Score is better but unsure if this is a lot much better or not.


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