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11 May - X570 Motherboard updated chipset cooling

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

We recently worked on a solution to be compatible with the new Gigabyte X570 I Aorus Pro WiFi motherboard. This to use in the best circumstances the new Ryzen processors. 

Our main concern was the chipset that is normally cooled with a small fan - quite appropriate as this new generation can be very hot. Since the fan can't be mounted into The First (for obvious reasons), we had to find a passive and suitable solution.

Previously, we experience some issues with that motherboard (link) but we get it back repaired by the constructor - we never get the details of what has been replaced. Anyway, it seemed to better work and one of our clients was really interested in getting this card for his build. At the end, we found two solutions - including one directly provided by this client (well done!). We combined the card with the Ryzen 3700X processor. Solution A We replaced the fan with a custom CNC machined solution. You can see the prototype below, as a picture of the 3D printed testing sample.

This heatsink avoids the access to the front M.2 slot but remains the one at the back of the card. This part is now available as pre-orders on our eshop. ETA is 4-6 weeks starting today (11th of May 2020). This solution is only compatible with Gigabyte X570 I Aorus Pro WiFi.

Solution B (temporary solution) Basically, this is the same solution than the "A" one, but with current accessories we can propose online, or you may already have. It consists in using a M.2 cooling (NVMe) like the ones available on our eshop and thermal pads (can be asked to the team!). This is an interesting alternative if you don't want to buy a special heatsink but can also be used as a temporary solution before we get the final heatsinks currently in production (for those who really enjoy to assemble / disassemble their First!).

Whatever the solution chosen, performances and temperatures of the Ryzen 3700X are incredible when you pay attention to block the voltage at 1.225V. You should get bench tests results available soon via a media that will put his hands on our First with that specific motherboard & processor!

Any question or remark? Feel free to contact the team at


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