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14 Dec - Updated shipping time

Few weeks before Christmas holidays, we would like to update you about expected shipping time of our Batch 1 & 2.

Indeed, we get more news about expected arrival time of the ship that should arrive in Belgium – quite later than first expected – around December, 28th. This concerns the cooling and the structural part of the case. Then, we need to wait for customs validation that takes 5-10 days, depending on our container position onto the ship. Finally, The First will be delivered to our office.

At the same time, aesthetic parts will be shipped from France next week.

Other parts are already at the office: cables, back panel, fixtures, feet, fans, thermal grease, screws,…

We do apologies for this delay. As a first product and a first batch, we pay high attention to all processes but have to do our best to deliver as fast as possible simultaneously.

Regarding all information we have and time required for assembling and testing, we expect to start deliveries around mid/end-January. Once again, we are sorry for this delay and will keep you informed as soon as products are in Belgium.


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