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20 Jan - CES 2019 & Reception of The First at the office

CES 2019:

The team showcased some units at Las Vegas on AWEX booth. We got a lot of traction from potential customers and also met numerous integrators and distributors to help us scale our development. Some journalists visited the booth and their articles can already be seen online. A summarizing video will be published soon!

We also organized a live test of The First at Red Rock Canyon, a desert close to Las Vegas. Cowcotland (a french media) joined the team and made a video you can watch following this link.

The last day, we enjoyed a trip to Nelson, a ghost town, where we took some pictures with our “Far West” mod painted by Gizmo2Poche.

All pictures about CES 2019 can be seen in our gallery section ("Inside ML").

Reception of The First:

Finally, our last pallets passed through the customs clearance and just arrived at the office

It’s now time to unpack, assemble and test all (your) First before shipping them.

Did you buy one case? Please, check your mailbox, we sent an email asking to confirm some details before to proceed in your shipping.

Any question or suggestion? Feel free to contact us via


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