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29 Oct - "Track Changes" / The Beast

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

In our previous video, we mentioned the idea to get a "track changes" available on our website to update you about The Beast, its last developments and achievements.

The page is now updated with a timeline highlighting each validation or update. Below, you will also find a summary of each step from the most recent one to the latest one. This article will be updated regularly.

2020/10/29: Front panel tooling & golden sample

Today, the production of the front panel, as well as the golden sample is launched.

2020/10/26: USB-C front panel tooling

We're happy to launch the production of the tooling for molding USB-C front panel!

2020/10/20: Updates about USB-C

Who would have thought the USB-C could be such a complicated topic! After investigations and several designs, we are happy to finally propose:

- one front panel to male 10Gbs USB-C connected to the I/O shield,

- and one back panel 10Gbs USB-C to type E header.

This solution is possible thanks to our innovative board integration. We increase the compatibility with previous generations, as well as new and future generations of motherboards.

2020/10/19: Casing prototype n°3 & n°4 ordered for final validation

2 new prototypes are ordered. Main modifications done are:

- bracket system for the tempered glasses

- front panel template

- increased margins of the top aesthetic to improve adjustment

- new feet design

These prototypes should be the last ones, before mass production.

2020/10/16: Tempered glass thickness is updated

To ensure a better resistance, it is decide to increase the thickness of the 2 tempered glasses from 3 to 4mm. For those who chose the aluminum side panels, they are also updated, this to stay consistent.

2020/10/15: Reviews - First round based on the prototype

A first review is scheduled with a French media who will visit us later this month. They will assemble themselves another configuration into the prototype and bench it. Hydroalcoholic gel is ordered!

2020/10/10: The Beast - Batch 1 is sold out!

Thank you!

2020/10/09: Official first bench tests

After receiving the RTX 2080S spreader from EKWB, we can now proceed in official bench tests that are shared immediately on our website. Additional bench tests will be done (in-game, with fans, with other components, etc.).

2020/10/09: Pre-orders opening

2020/09/18: Front panel - Template updated

USB C was initially assembled onto the same PCB used for USB 3.0. The feasibility was not guaranteed and it is decided to create a custom plastic mold to ease the use of cables 3.2 Gen 1 standard.

2020/09/15: Updated aesthetic panels

Following the first assembly of The Beast, we updated the aesthetic panels, this to ensure a perfect adjustment of each part. The main noticeable changes are the feet, which shape is not a "U" anymore.

2020/09/01: The Beast prototype - Assembly & Thermal Tests

2 prototypes of The Beast arrived at the office. First impression: 6mm is impressive! These prototypes help us to see one potential issue: the adjustment of all aesthetic parts might be compromised because of the perpendicularity that needs to be absolutely perfect. We decide to avoid any risks with the production and update the design of aesthetic parts. Other slightly modifications are required to improve the quality and the look of The Beast. At the same time, first bench tests are performed.

2020/08/15: The Heart² (heatsinks) is validated

4 prototypes of The Heart² have been launched in production in July and received at the office. These prototypes help us to validate the mechanical assembly as well as the thermal performances. Bench tests are performed on a bench table. Only one minor modification will be done weeks later (to add more space for the fans). This modification doesn't require the launch of a new prototypes serial. The Heart² is validated for production.


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