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The First

Small, Smart, Silent.

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MonsterLabo met the challenge of designing a high-performance cooling solution, in a small form factor chassis, compatible with standard electronic components.

So was born The First, a compact chassis with a unique and fanless integrated cooling solution.

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The First : an unique case

Innovative Design

Small Form Factor

Most Powerful

Silent System

Standard Components

Highly Customizable

Cooling and chassis

MonsterLabo - The First - Cooling

Designed and built around its cooling solution, The First presents a shared radiator between the motherboard and the graphic card. It is the centrepiece of the chassis.

With a capacity of 19 litres, The First optimizes volumes and reduces empty spaces at their strict minimum. As a Small Form Factor chassis, The First is the only one to propose a fanless integrated cooling solution able to deliver a power worthy of the greatest.

By pooling electronic cards cooling, The First can run passively without cooling noise.

Components and dedicated slots

With the final goal of using standard electronic components, The First is compatible with all types of mini-ITX motherboards, SFX / ATX power supplies and graphic cards (up to 270 mm length). Assembly and upgrades easily done!

Combining compactness and adaptability, The First has one HDD 3.5’’ and three SSD 2.5’’ dedicated slots. For the most extreme configurations, the First can be upgraded with one optional 120 mm or 140 mm fan.

Fully customizable, The First skins are easily interchangeable. Painted, patterned, glass, wood, copper or leather, the only limit is your imagination. The First is a unique PC which will find its place on every gamer desks and living rooms.

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205 L x 215 l x 430 h

Weight & volume

19 litres & 7 kg

GPU maximum length

270 mm

Power supply format

ATX / SFX (L max 160mm)

Motherboard format


3.5" HDD slot


2.5" SSD slot


Front panel

2x USB 3.0

Back panel


Fan slot

140 mm or 120 mm

CPU passively cooled

Up to i9900k

GPU passively cooled

Up to GTX 1080 / RTX 2070

Gallery: a closer look

No risk, no fun!

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