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Our Philosophy

How to create a fanless case but still powerful?

How to make possible to upgrade its components?

How to work against planned obsolescence?


These are the main design rules we followed while designing our products.


When creating a build, you usually choose a case, choose your components, work to make sure everything fits perfectly and then, place some coolers to keep everything cold. Why always cooling should be done at the end?

At MonsterLabo, we decided to consider the cooling as the central part of the case.

Fanless vs Silent

There are many differences between a fanless PC and a silent PC.

The dust:

Did you ever wonder why a fanless PC has not dust inside?

The dust can’t go into your Beast or your First from the bottom because it needs to be sucked at 2.5m/s (minimum) while the natural airflow into the case is at 1m/s. This natural airflow will also avoid dust that could come from the top of the case - the dust can’t be scattered. Of course, if the case is not used for several months, dust will get into the case.

The use of fans, as with any other case, will allow dust to gather into your case, because of the blades that can suck dust in from the floor/desk.

If you plan to use fans into your Beast or your First, and need to add a dust filter, since our cases are made of steel, you can easily place one at the top of your case mounted with magnets.

The moving parts:

Passive = No breakdown

For those who experienced a leak with their watercooling, it is easy to understand how reliable can be a fanless PC. Without moving parts, the lifetime of the case is almost infinite with no risk of breakdown, while a silent PC will always need (at least) a fan or any active cooling to keep the components cooled.

The decibels:

At the end, having 0dB with a fanless PC is simply a consequence of the advantages explained before. Of course, a silent PC can be almost inaudible, but will still get dust and moving parts. While a fanless PC will be clean, reliable and absolutely noiseless. Pretty cool, right?!

Ikea Mod

Our cases are fully dismountable. None parts are crimped, only screwed. By getting a fully dismountable case, you make it customizable but also repairable (read “Waste = Supply”). While, our products are based upon standard configurations, each part of The First and The Beast can be adapted.

  • Any special need about cables? Upgrade your back panel!

  • Do you prefer tempered glasses instead of aluminum side panels? Remove the parts and replace them.

  • Do you need more air flow into your case? Remove the aesthetic plates and install perforated plates.

  • Do you want to install USB4.0 ports when they will be available? Just wait for it. You will be able to retrofit your case to install them.

MonsterLabo is a small company, producing small batches at a time, but we are always happy to help and design new solutions to our clients. When an option is not available online, don’t hesitate to ask. If you can’t wait, we will 3D print for you!

Waste = Supply

At MonsterLabo, we take great care of the environment and made our products fully repairable for that purpose.

No need to thrash your PC when a part is damaged. Simply replace it!

We also do our best to get as less waste as possible. Packaging are made of recovered foams and boxes used by our suppliers.

Each packaging is unique, even the fabric bag protecting your case is recycled and hand-made – definitely a collector for some models!

Please, follow our path and try to reuse or recycle packaging parts.

Who is behind MonsterLabo?

MonsterLabo was launched by 4 PC builder enthusiasts (and also gamers for some of them!), each bringing its expertise into the company.

Launched as a side-activity, we work our a** off, day and night, to offer outstanding products and a high-quality after-sale.

Any recommendation or special request?

Feel free to contact us at

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