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Excellent [build quality], thick and study panel, paint and finishes are excellent. Thank you guys again for bringing us such as amazing case!

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 I can use my PC to make you a compliment for your really awesome case (now it's super silent in here and I can literally hear the grass grow outside).

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I'm amazed by the amount of work a small team like yours achieved. I hope all the best for Monster Labo. I'm already enjoying my First and the silence.


I want to thank all of you for creating such a brilliant and amazing, passively-cooled PC system. A lot of thought has obviously gone into this, with great attention to detail.

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What people say about MonsterLabo

Do you want to speak with the community and the team? Do you need to ask questions about The First? Or simply want to share your experience? Feel free to join us on SFF Forum. Configurations, benchmarks, suggestions and more are shared by the members.


A dedicated section has been created on Thingiverse with several 3D model of The First and options. They are all free and can be used if you want to 3D print some parts or simply create new parts based on these models. 



The team is composed of makers, from ideas to reality. Our goal is to provide people with products that meet their hidden desires. 

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