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The Beast
Fanless made Extreme

The ATX PC case with a dual passive cooling solution able to cool down 400W

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The Beast is the culmination of a long process of reflection carried out at MonsterLabo over the past 3 years. Deeply rooted in MonsterLabo DNA, The Beast meets our #1 commitment: build PC cases that are the most powerful, smart and fanless possible.


The Beast is an aluminum & steel ATX PC case designed and built around its two giant heatsinks. The whole case is dedicated to the cooling. Aesthetic parts and heatsinks are connected together through 6 thermal & mechanical drains.  

As with The First (minit-ITX case), all parts can be replaced or upgraded when required.


Side panels are offered in aluminum or in tempered glass.


Our ultimate goal is just to offer you the best fanless and most sustainable PC case ever.

The Heart²

The case is composed of :

  • 2x giant heatsinks (3 kg each) passively cooling the electronics,

  • 20x 6mm heat pipes, 10x for each chip. Hell yeah, we know, not bad for a PC!

  • 6x copper thermal drains connecting the heatsinks to the 6mm width aluminum front and back panels for enhanced thermal spreading.

  • For those who really want to push the limits, 4x 140 mm fan slots are available on the top and bottom of the coolers.


Thanks to our innovative brackets system, most of motherboards (mini-ITX up to ATX) and graphic cards (PCB with a maximum length of 290 mm after removing the factory cooling) are compatible with The Beast.


Last but not least, The Beast dissipates 400W in passive mode (150W CPU and 250W GPU) and nearly 600W in active (but still silent) mode (250W CPU and 320W GPU).


You’re welcome.

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High-end GPU spreader

If you ever plan to build a fanless case, no matter the size of the heatsink, you should always pay careful attention to the cooling of the VRM’s and memories of your graphics card.

=> We made a very special work for high TDP graphics cards. 

Thanks to our collaboration with EKWB, The Beast comes with a full covering spreader made of copper for boards with a TDP higher than 220W.

From the RTX 3070 to the RTX 3090 get a complete passive cooling solution. Our solution is also compatible with EKWB backplates.

Check the full list of available spreaders and compatible graphics cards here.

For "lower high-end" GPU (<220W TDP), our solutions made of machined heatsinks perfectly fit and keep the VRMs and memories cooled.


3D Mark, AIDA64, Furmark or in-game?

Have a look at our bench tests!

Make it unique

What about making your fanless PC unique?

It is possible thanks to the engraving option!

Customize your Beast with the logo of your choice.

All The Beast have their unit number engraved at the bottom.

Some ideas

Contact the team for more information!

Front & Back panels
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The front panel features a central anodized power button. On its left, 2x USB 2.0 and 2x USB 3.1 are available. On its right, audio/micro ports as well as 1x USB-C complete the port panel.


The back panel is fully customizable. In standard format, The Beast comes with 1x slot for Ethernet cable, 6x slots for USB cables, 2x USB-C and 4x HDMI or Display port cables.


These parts can be removed and replaced with 3D printing customized panels. 


The Beast has many slots for HDD and SSD storages. Depending on your needs, you can mount up to 4x HDDs 3.5'' or 8x SSDs 2.5''. Their access is made easy thanks to the removable side panels. Their assembly is also facilitated thanks to special fixtures designed for The Beast. This location can also conveniently be used for a PCI card extension.

Whatever the final use, The Beast will allow more than enough space for your storage!


Special note: we recommend to not use HDDs. They tend to be very loud, especially into a fanless case (= 0dB). We mean it.

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With electronics
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With The Beast, we want our users to be free to choose any component they want, without any limit!​


The Beast is compatible with the vast majority of motherboards (mini-ITX up to ATX) and graphic cards (PCB with a maximum length of 290 mm after removing the factory cooling). LGA 1150-1151-1200-1700-2066, AM3-3+-AM4-4+-AM5-TR4 and previous generations are compatible.


The Beast also supports SFX, SFX-L and ATX full length power supplies.


Motherboard fixtures have been designed to ensure the robustness of the assembly while the graphic card is rigidly fixed to the heatsink cooling block.


Finally, special parts are included at the bottom of the case to optimize the cable routing and improve the airflow into the case.

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