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The Beast is composed as follows:

- 2 black heatsinks

- a case in 6mm black painted aluminum & textured aluminum

- 2x black shade tempered glasses (as standard) or aluminum side panels (in option)

- a front panel (power button, audio & micro, 1x USB C, 2x USB 2.0, 2x USB 3.1 Gen.2)

- a GPU spreader or a VRM machined heatsink + heatsinks (memories)

- a kit of thermal pads

- a custom riser PCI 16x Gen4

- 2x silicon grommets


Are not included the 140 mm fans, the thermal grease and tools.

Options: logo (free), aluminum side panels (80€).

The Beast & Accessories

PriceFrom 790,00 €
  • Delivery Q1 2024.

    Only The Case = The Beast & Accessories (standard package)

    Future Configuration = Reserve the case today and upgrade with one of our configurations in May 2023 with new prices and updated components (Extremely Fanless, Insane or custom built). See more here.

    Shipping fees will be charged when your order is ready to ship.

    Updated version of The Beast - Learn more following that link.

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