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15 Jun - New batch of pre-orders for The Beast [Updated version]

After being sold out a couple of months, The Beast can be ordered again starting today. A massive production of units will be launched in the next few days mainly dedicated to the B2B market. We will reserve 70 units for our direct clients - 20 units will be available as "The Beast & Accessories" package and 50 units will be dedicated to future configuration for those who plan to upgrade their Beast with electronics inside (updated versions of our Extremely Fanless and Insane configurations scheduled in September).

As usual, The Beast is numbered. Reserve yours today and get in line - first arrived, first served!

We're also happy to offer -40€ as a discount price until the 30th of June.

What's new?

The Beast will be slightly improved in terms of accessories and design. Below is the list of new features:

- New spreader gen. (when available)

- Gelid ultimate thermal pads for all PCs to enhance thermal exchange

- New packaging

- Improved window and aluminum sides brackets

- Updated version of cables extender + choice of silicone grommets

- New fan mounting using metal spring wire

- In development: a new SSD support to improve accessibility and cable management.


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