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31 Jul – About the delivery time

As you know (see news of January 12), the new Beast production batch is made in partnership with a French company – 2CRSI. This allows us to focus on the design of the products, but also on the assembly of the configurations, and no longer on the pure assembly of the cases – which remains the most time-consuming part and which is now taken care of by 2CRSI.

Unfortunately, 2CRSI has experienced some difficulties over the past few months (see article here). This episode created a lot of confusion and slowed down the Beast's production process.

That being said, production continues but unfortunately has been delayed. Currently:

- the cooling units are received in-house

- the mechanical parts are in transit to France and their delivery to the port is scheduled for the end of August

- custom screws and front panels are in production

- the risers are pending

Based on the current status, Beast deliveries can only take place from the end of September, the time for all the parts to be received, but also the time for the 2CRSI teams to be trained in the very specific assembly of the Beasts.

We are also waiting for September to put our configured PC offers online, as the prices of certain components are currently falling.

Deliveries of the First can only take place from October.

A question? A suggestion? Our email box is open:

We thank you for your patience and understanding.

The ML-Team


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