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12 Jan - New partnership & new production

After two years promoting The Beast (and The First), it became clear that being MonsterLabo today consisted of assembling cases. Abandoning the most interesting part of the job, interacting with customers, developing new parts and creating exciting new products.

Faced with this observation, it was decided last April to look for a company that could take care of assembly and logistics, but also that would support us in our development. We weren't just looking for an integrator who would simply take his commission, but a real partner to work with over the long term.

After months of research and negotiations, we are happy to announce our partnership with 2CRSI, a major French company well-established in electronics and computing market. 2CRSI was already a distributor of the brand, in France and in the Arab Emirates and had the advantage of knowing the products and the team well. The transition to a partnership was therefore made quite naturally.

While this partnership will significantly lighten our workload at MonsterLabo, it won't make any difference to our customers – we will remain your main contact! Simply, The Beast orders (only that product for the moment) will be assembled and delivered from 2CRSI's factories and no longer from MonsterLabo's premises.

That being said, this impacts the delivery times of the next batch of The Beast. Indeed, an order was already in progress when we entered into this partnership. With the inflation of raw material prices, the cost of transport literally exploding, we had to review the quantities ordered in order to cover our costs and generate enough margin to remunerate 2CRSI. In this case, if you don’t want to increase your selling price, the only solution is to increase the quantities.

An additional batch of parts has been launched and all the parts are expected for April. All orders placed in 2023 will be delivered from June and will be the updated version of The Beast (read our article here). Orders placed in 2022 will be delivered before the end of March, based on the remaining parts from the previous batch. If your order was made in 2022 and you're not in a rush and want to receive the updated version of the Beast, let us know by email!

We’re absolutely sorry for the delay. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns about your order.

In parallel, considerable work is being done on the RTX 40xx compatibilities. To follow the news live, you can join our Discord where all the information is shared. Spreaders for Zotac cards will be available in February. The other brands will be available during the Spring. If you need an RTX 40xx spreader other than Zotac, we advise you to wait for the batch of The Beast currently in production.

Any questions? You can contact the team at or discuss with Nicolas (yeahe) on Discord.


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