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09 Sep - About the Nvidia 3000-series cards

While we get more and more information about the new 3000 generation graphic cards, we are happy to inform you we will be compatible with many references. New fixtures (brackets) might be required but won't impact the price of The First since these parts are already included with the case. We are also waiting for more details concerning the Founder Editions that will have a special design and might be not compatible. When unveiled, we will update the "compatibility" section online with all compatible references.

Speaking about compatibility, it is important to understand that The First can be physically compatible with graphic cards but TDP can be too high for our cooler (like 2080/2080Ti). Bench tests are still waiting to confirm the real potential of these new cards, but it seems obvious we won't be able to cool the 3080 and 3090 cards (without undervolt or downclock). For this range of cards, our future product - The Beast - will be the one you are looking for. More information will be shared about this future case & cooler very soon!

For now, if you have questions or comments, feel free to leave us an email at


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