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12 Feb - About the production of The Beast [Update]

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

We're happy to announce that the production of the heatsinks is now complete. Below, you will find our previous article highlighting all parts already completed.


Here is a short update concerning the production of The Beast launched in December.

Today, almost all parts in production are finalized and ready to be shipped.

Parts completed:

- the case (aesthetics & structure & brackets)

- the screws (about 70 kgs!)

- the cables for the front & back panel (USB-C excluded)

- the top mesh parts

- the tempered glasses

- the power buttons & reset buttons

- the GPU PWM cables & SMA cables extension

All these parts (1850kgs) will travel together by sea. The cargo is already booked and will leave the port on the 4th of February.

We only got a few pictures - mainly used for the quality inspection. Here some of them highlighting the structure of The Beast.

Parts in production:

- the heatsinks (currently testing at the factory)

- the risers

- the USB-C cables

- the spreaders (ref 001 to 009)

The heatsinks are expected to be ready around the 5th of February. We will share official news as soon as the factory will confirm the shipment.

The logistic has been quite challenging in this particular time as we really wanted to avoid too many separate shipments - this to avoid delays because of the pandemic, to reduce the costs and to reduce our ecological impact. We are thankful to work with great partners & suppliers who made this logistic as smooth as possible.

It's now time for us to wait for the delivery of all parts. What an exciting (and boring) moment!


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