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12 Oct - How can we ensure compatibility with so many cards?

MonsterLabo ensures compatibility with numerous cards.

How is it possible?

This is possible thanks to 2 specific mechanical features:

1/ Cards are not connected to the chassis

The heatsink is connected to the chassis, the cards are directly connected to the heatsink. The “floating” positioning of the cards is one of the key innovations of The First design.

2/ Mounting tolerances

Two mounting tolerances were integrated in the design.

  • Sliding Mounting Kits: these sliding mounting kits allow vertical and horizontal translations of the GPU and CPU respectively.

  • Large Heat Exchangers: heat exchangers are composed of a large copper plate with integrated heat pipes. Thanks to this extra contact surface, chips can be off-centre but still in contact with the cooling surface.

By combining these two mechanical features, it is possible to place both cards so that their PCI slots are face-to-face and can be directly connected to each other, without any riser and no matter the relative positioning of their chip.

When assembling compatible electronics, the following procedure must be followed:

  1. Vertical adjustment of the GPU chip to place its PCI slot in front of the CPU’s ones.

  2. Horizontal adjustment of the CPU chip to plug its PCI slot inside the GPU’s ones.

  3. Simultaneous gripping of all the fixtures. Depending on the compatible cards chosen, the relative positioning of the sliding fixture will differ just to ensure PCI slot are well connected.

How does it come my card is not compatible?

A card is not compatible when:

  • The chip is too off-centre so that the heat exchanger cannot cover its entire surface anymore.

  • The card has tall components (VRM, etc.) around the chip so that the heat exchanger enters in contact with them when sliding.

We are currently working on a solution to ensure 100% compatibility with all current non-compatible cards. You probably already know what it is.


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