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18 Nov - Top fan option available for pre-orders

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

Today, we are glad to propose the "Top Fan" option on our website. First introduced at Computex 2019 in Taïwan, we updated its design to provide a complete solution for people who would like to improve the performance of their build but still want to stay completely silent.

Top Fan Option 200mm

The "Top Fan" option comes in black, white or black anodised. Are also provided a top mesh, a smooth top (no holes) and a special 3D back panel.

The "Top fan" allow 200 mm fans only. Please note a specificity concerning this option:

- fans with a structure like the Noctua 200mm imply to remove the top skin with front panel, use the smooth top and place cables at the back of the case with the 3D back panel provided

- fans without structure like the Thermaltake 200mm can be used both with the top skin or the smooth panel.

The "Top Fan" option improves the performance of your build - tests made at the lab shown -8°C when operating at 350 RPM (less than 10 dB) at 22°C ambient. But it also allows the installation of an ATX PSU into your case - impossible when you initially wanted a fan into The First.

For now, the "Top Fan" is available for pre-orders and a minimum of units is required to start the production - 20 units. When the first batch will be closed, 6 weeks will be required before you get the "Top Fan" in your hands. If the MOQ is not reached, pre-orders will be refunded.

This option is definitely the best solution for those who want a performant case, most of the time passive and always silent.


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