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19 Jan - About the "spreader compatibility pending"

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

Following the launch of The Beast, we proposed a new cooling system for high TDP graphic cards (+250W), in order to properly cool the VRMs and other components on the PCB. This system - a spreader - dissipates the heat from the PCB while the cooler block of The Beast spreads the heat from the chip.

Starting October, we worked on several designs to support the new RTX 3000 generation, as well as high-end cards from the RTX 2000 previous serial. So far, 8 different spreaders are available and launched in production. They will be available with The Beast when delivery of pre-orders will start in March.

At the same time, this list of spreaders is not finalize yet as we also would like to support other designs from RTX 3070 and additional cards from RTX 3080. The main issue is the lack of availability at the moment: with almost no graphic cards available, it's impossible for us to check the new PCBs and propose new designs. Of course, journalists have reviewed many cards but we need to take into account the potential of a design. Will a specific card will have a unique design? Or will it be also compatible with other cards? If yes, how many? The spreader remains an expensive part of the cooling system and we won't support all the references available on the market. Our choices should be smart and aligned with our customers' requests. As an example, it has been decided that we will support the RTX 3080 FE based on feedback receive from different clients who already ordered their Beast.

In the next days/weeks, the compatibility list for The Beast will be updated with new references. You will see the mention "spreader compatibility pending" that will mean we are not capable to check or decide if this card will be supported in the next months. As soon as more information will be available for these references, the list will be updated and a "Inside ML" section will be published.

Are you waiting for more spreaders available to choose the right components for your Beast? Or do you need more options before to order The Beast? We recommend you to subscribe to our mailing list or to our website by creating an account. The "Inside ML" section and the newsletters remain our main sources of information.


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