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21 Nov - The First left factory

Good news: The First left factory today and are now travelling to our office!

Arrival is expected in 4 weeks and shipping will start after a few tests and assembly.

What's in the box?

In order to address concerns expressed by some members of the community, we decided to upgrade this package by adding new parts:

All customers of B1 initially get:

– black case and cooling – customised “MonsterLabo” riser – metallic mesh for the top of the case – back panel & front panels – set of anti-vibration washers for HDD

New additional accessories:

– VRM cooling (on demand) – 3.5 gr Noctua thermal grease (NT-H1) – 140 mm Noctua fan (NF-A14 PWM) – set of anti-vibration parts for fan – screwdriver + one wrench – useless but funny gift – free shipping


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