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25 Sep - Updated new top fan option

After several designs and prototypes, we would like to share with you the last version of the "top fan" option that will allow a 200 mm fan on the top of The First.

The idea is to be compatible with The First and only add a new top structure to mount the 200 mm fan.

This structure will be the same aesthetic finish than the "middle U" - the aluminum plate. All connectors and power button will be available via the back panel - automatically delivered with this option.

The top fan structure will allow different sizes of fan; this way, people who would like to mount a fan into their First will be also able to mount a ATX power supply (max 160mm length).

Finally, the mesh will be replaced by a new one with higher ratio opening to get a better airflow.

New grid with high ratio opening (already in stock). This grid will be available in black and white.

The option could be done in back or white painted finish on demand.

Any feedback or comments are more than welcome. Feel free to join us on the SFF Forum and discuss with the team and the community.


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