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30 Sep - Custom "Bottom Fan" option

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

One of our customers designed an incredible solution to allow a 200mm fan into his First. Not on the top of the case, as we did it, but at the bottom.

While we knew that the position of the fan would not impact the air flow and performances, it has been decided to place our "top fan bracket" option on the top of the case to facilitate the cable management, as well as reduce the cost of the parts that were easier to produce this way.

Whatever, the solution proposed by "Honiix" is really nice, so well executed - OK, he was a cabinetmaker before, that helps! - and the contrast between the wood and the aluminum definitely works! "Powered by Makers" has never been so well-used. We're also very impressed that his configuration can run a GPU at 215W. That makes a huge difference, that is for sure.


Read the full story and discuss with Honiix here.


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