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12 Feb - Assembly Guide

We are pleased to welcome you on our Youtube Channel. We released several tutorial videos to help you with the assembly of your First.

This section is currently in progress and we are uploading videos every day [Update: 06/03/19].

Today are available:

  • Unboxing (part 1)

  • Back part & Top parts dismounting (part 2)

  • Skins dismounting (part 3)

  • Removing the metal stud (part 4)

  • Box of accessories (part 5)

  • Case & Cooling presentation (part 6)

  • Removing the foam blocks (part 7)

  • Configuration presentation (part 8)

  • Motherboard preparation (part 9)

  • Motherboard preparation (part 10)

  • Removing heatsink on the Motherboard (part 11)

  • ATX Power Supply preparation (part 12)

  • Motherboard trial assembly (part 13)

  • Fixture for GPU (part 14)

  • Graphic card trial assembly (part 15)

  • Motherboard prewiring (part 16)

  • Final assembly of graphic card and motherboard (part 17)

  • Assembly of NVMe and SSDs (part 18)

  • Graphic Card wiring (part 19)

  • Cable Management (part 20)

  • Assembly of Back Panel (part 21)

  • Reassembly of The First (final part 22)

Click on the picture below and choose your video.

Soon, we will publish new videos focused on:

  • The assembly of the fixture dedicated to AMD processors

  • The assembly of cards with riser and how to bend the cooling

  • The mounting of VRM’s cooling

  • The assembly of ATX PSU

  • The mounting of the fan into its dedicated slot

Any question about your First? Feel free to contact the team at sav[at]monsterlabo[dot]com


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