09 Dec - Updated Track Changes

Updated: Apr 26

In our previous video, we mentioned the idea to get a "track changes" available on our website to update you about The Beast, its last developments and achievements.

The page is now updated with a timeline highlighting each validation or update. Below, you will also find a summary of each step from the most recent one to the latest one. This article will be updated regularly.

2020/12/09: Production launch & other updates

As you already know, we recently received our last prototype of The Beast you can see in our last video. Not only it validated the mechanical assembly (and its impressive robustness), but it helped us to choose the final aspect we want for the case. The Beast will finally come in full black matte aspect that definitely brings a classy and sober look to the PC (The Beast will be the Batmobile of the PC cases!).

The Heart²:

We're also happy to announce that our two heatsinks have been launched in production (oh yeah \m/). As a confirmation, they will be black covered and compatible with 4 fans (see "20201116 track changes").

The Beast (mechanical parts): This week are also expected the samples of the tempered glasses.

Front Panel:

The production of the Power / USB / USB-C / Audio front panel has been launched in production too (oh yeah² \m/)! Power & Reset buttons will be manufactured by CNC milling in aluminum. We also added 2x LEDs for customers who won't have an internal light option. This is mainly dedicated for professional users that won't choose the tempered glass solution.

Back Panel:

The USB-C back panel to USB-C header is now confirmed, tested and ordered. The standard back panel is also almost finished, with new additional SMA holes for WiFi extension. Another back panel will be proposed for users that want a second PCI card assembly (work in progress).

Features added:

  • LEDs for front panel

  • SMA (WiFi) antenna extension has been ordered and will be available online soon

2020/11/16: Last updates & final check before production launch

The Beast is now about to be launched in production. Here are the last modifications following several tests made on the prototypes.

The Heart² (heatsinks):

  • Update of the top shape of the heatsink as it appeared using fans running at 750RPM (and more) creates aerodynamic noise;

  • Update of the bottom of the heatsink, this to allow enough space to assemble x2 fan slots [The Beast can now handle 4 fans]. This will increase the airflow into the case, for those who plan to assemble extreme configurations. Using 4 fans instead of 2 will also make possible to reduce the RPM but improve the airflow (stay silent but performant!). We recommend to assemble x2 120mm fans in these new slots, this to increase the compatibility with the motherboards - 140mm fans might be not possible depending on the card chosen;

  • Following several feedback from customers and the community asking for The Heart² being painted in black, and after discussions with our supplier about environmental norms and restrictions, it has been decided to upgrade our heatsinks that will be available in black (electrophoresis) instead of passivation finish.

The Beast (structure):

  • Update of the front of the case with the front panel and aesthetic skin that will be only one part and not two separate parts as initially designed. This update will increase the refined look we want for The Beast;

  • Front skin will come without logo for the same reason. Engraving a logo remains possible on demand and free of charge;

  • Serial number, serial unit, SKU, MonsterLabo logo, RoHS and CE won't be engraved at the back of the case but at the bottom of the case, this to keep a refined design, wherever you look;

  • Update of the bottom of the case & the top of the case (mesh) to increase the airflow into The Beast;

  • Screws optimization for non-spreaders GPUs & brackets update, this to use the same parts already designed for The First (we reduce costs & lead time but also not waste parts already on stock);

  • Update of the access for cable management of storages (+9mm to make it easier).


  • We decided to provide you with a GPU PWM fan adapter, this to set up each card / each cooling independently. It will be included with The Beast. Definitely a must-have!

We're now checking again all draws and CAD and will launch the production right after. Are already in production the front & back panels, as well as the screws for the mechanical structure. More information soon!

2020/11/12: New bench tests available

We published new bench tests online with the current configuration assembled into our first prototype (RTX 2080S & Ryzen 7 3800XT). Full bench tests can be seen here. Are still missing performances in-game but the week was quite busy and we didn't find time to have a break (and Flight Simulator's last update doesn't work :'(). In the meantime, additional bench tests are in progress with a RTX 3080 and will be soon published.

2020/10/29: Front panel tooling & golden sample

Today, the production of the front panel, as well as the golden sample is launched.

2020/10/26: USB-C front panel tooling

We're happy to launch the production of the tooling for molding USB-C front panel!

2020/10/20: Updates about USB-C

Who would have thought the USB-C could be such a complicated topic! After investigations and several designs, we are happy to finally propose:

- one front panel to male 10Gbs USB-C connected to the I/O shield,

- and one back panel 10Gbs USB-C to type E header.